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Words in blue bay I 09 bought a pair of black classic tall, was $70, two winter wore 09, 10, is really very warm!! Literally, now don't wear ugg winter words all don't know what to wear shoes for the winter.. Eyes are bigger want to buy a new pair of this year, a new color, one is black in her two years haven't painted the old wow

Began to also want to buy the blue port, let the husband as a birthday present for me, ha ha, now shop has been increased to more than 2000, 2100 or 2400? True enough black! ~ in the process of waiting for the coming birthday, see mom online group-buying, nearly 300 a pair, the price is very attractive, but there are still a little resistance fake... Are hesitant, I suddenly thought of, the new mother for a few baby products for baby sea, simply slavish, hai tao a pair of ugg, is the real thing can be ensured and the price is much cheaper than domestic stores nearly half again!

Act as purchasing agency UGG finally to today!!!! I this person more picky, afraid of maomao is not thick, the color is enough. Hesitated for a long time. Selected. Color also struggled for a long time, chestnut and chocolate color between hesitate, finally chose the most classic chestnut, indeed very pretty joker ah ~ directly seconds kill stores more than 2000 ha ha. Don't know how to verify the receipts, but seem to be very rich, old mama appraisal, fur one, put on a very delicate, unlike the ugg boots before the heavy, said it doesn't worry about your New Year's day back to the husband's family had no shoes, dad to sentence zha don't give your mother also buy a pair of! Wait for a month before hand, too like ha ha ~

The following snow boots are made of sheepskin fur, not wool, leather; imitation leather made a lot of fake hair and the like. If it is false, the treasurer directly give you white, shoes do retire.

Our every pair of shoes have been strictly tested

Quality bearing, wool one hides are "Long Feng" A-class leather

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